Working Solutions Inc is a Not For Profit organisation.  We advocate for flexible and sustainable work opportunities for single parents with limited access to work. We focus on the development of tools and resources toward the creation of  workplace cultures that acknowledge the demands of single parenting and provide inclusive work structures and operations.  We collaborate with businesses to create work opportunities and promote these widely to solo parents.

The challenge of managing work and the demands of family life as a solo parent is an issue often disregarded by many employers.  Current workplace culture can leave little opportunity for single parents to experience positive work outcomes.  Clashes between work schedules, childcare hours and realistic work options can invariably finds single parents jobless and their children vulnerable to issues of poverty.

This situation is no less demanding for seniors trying to support their grandchildren – with limited pension funds many seniors – often with history of single parenting themselves –  are taking up the care and welfare of grandchildren while their mum/dad is working shift work, two jobs, or unreliable casual work that precludes standard daycare options .  

We advocate for  a society in which single parent families are treated equally and fairly,  where work opportunities and organisational culture can provide the flexibility needed to manage both work and family life.  Shutting the door on sustainable work opportunities for single parents not only prevents opportunity to  provide for their family above the poverty line, but also robs our communities, our economy and Australian society as a whole,  of their valuable and needed skills, knowledge and innovation.

To help bridge this gap, Working Solutions collaborates with businesses across Australia to establish work opportunities with flexible working conditions for single parents.  Opportunities that offer single parents a chance to up-skill and engage in future career pathways.     

Working Solutions is building a work platform that offers flexible work for single parents and advances the benefits of self-employment to close gaps.  We seek out and promote businesses supporting single parents at work and those that engage in our collaborative work vision.  We showcase their journey, their stories to Australian communities in  inspiration. 

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