During the height of the COVID Pandemic  ‘Work’ came home to roost, vaccines became an office issue, and people gave a collective “we’re outta here” to jobs that didn’t meet their needs.  These transformational changes have affected the way we think about work. 

For solo parents trying to work from home and home school, and those already outside the job market, the hardships intensified.


The answers appear to rest still, in work options that acknowledge the role of carer (parent or grandparent), acknowledge the demands of family, and uphold the value of everyones skills – no matter the continuing challenges. 

Whether you’re highly qualified and skilled but unable to work in your chosen profession, or still trying to develop skills for a career pathway, or still needing the opportunity to earn money to make ends meet – we are building the Flex-e Work platform for you. We are looking for sustainable and flexible opportunities that solo parents just like you, can tap into.

Take a look  – we have an evolving landscape of flexible work opportunities.