Working Solutions Inc is building the Central and Northern Victorian Digital Community Noticeboard Network as a social enterprise project called ‘FUNDRISE’. 

We’re creating digital hubs that will promote each community’s business, service, cultural and interest group .  Our hubs are designed to encourage ‘BUY LOCAL’ and ‘USE LOCAL’ opportunities in a way that encourages everyone to ‘THINK LOCAL FIRST’.   We use images that allow you to SEE | CLICK | PUSH and discover the resources within your local communities. 

Each Community Noticeboard provides a launchpad for locals and tourists alike to browse local and regional Businesses and Services or visit local on-line stores, find local events, activities.  Announcement pages promote jobs and there are great local voucher deals to be discovered.

‘Find It Locally’ has developed this platform to assist Not For Profit organisations like Working Solutions Inc to establish digital community hubs as a sustainable fundraising opportunity.  Working Solutions also uses this opportunity to offer skills development opportunities, self-employment opportunities and volunteer work to strengthen our local communities.

We also offer to help other community organisations in Central and Northern Victoria who wish to engage in this fundraising opportunity. 

You can read more on our social enterprise on the site  ’FUNDRISE‘ or 

View our first Bendigo Hub Community Noticeboard.