Working Solutions Inc is seeking work opportunities for single parents across Australia.

We are challenging small businesses and large alike to open work opportunities that are flexible and sustainable for single parents.

One thing we have learned during the Pandemic is that working with kids in the space is tough.  Many juggled home-based work with kids at home, kids that needed care, needed school support, needed social experiences.  As single parent there is no passing the baton – even with past COVID barriers removed – a single parent has 24/7 responsibilities for kids at home, at school and are the sole breadwinner – no one to share the load.  How do you work, pursue a career and be there full-time for your kids ?

More than ever, our single parents (mostly mums) are sinking back into the cycle of poverty. If we fail to create flexible work opportunities with appropriate inclusive workplace cultures for single parents, then kids and families in poverty will rise, skills will be lost, and basic day-to-day needs like food, housing, and community engagement will be lost. Lost to the parent and their children.

Let’s look to other countries like the UK or Canada where single parent advocacy, tools, resources and flexible work cultures are creating new opportunities, and yes, great reward to the economy as a whole.

Take Up The Challenge

If your business has a position that offers flexible work options like time and location; values the role of single parents and their commitment to family; values single parents employees and incorporates flexible work models within operational policies… then we would love to collaborate with you and promote your organisation and its job opportunities on our work platform.

Please contact us for more details.  +61 3 8376 6378

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