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There is a great deal of dialogue about single parenting.  Much of it centres around single mums but we acknowledge single Dads, Non-Binary and Gender Diverse single parents as part of our solo parent community.

Below is a series of links to current publications, articles, dialogue and forums providing comment on the experiences and challenges facing single parents in Australia.  Pick and choose among the threads to gain insight into the needs of single parents and importantly the rising advocacy content that speaks of the need for change, the need to lift single parent families into a safe, inclusive space where poverty and its desperate challenges can be removed and family life whatever its shape and size, can be enjoyed.

The experiences of single parents are truly best understood from their own stories.  Some are willing to share these and if you need to witness their journey to get involved in finding a working solution, then visit some sites like Beanstalk, Council of Single Mothers and Their Children, ReachOut Parents.

Publications and Resources

Resource For Single Mothers-Solo Parenting

Post Snippets

Creating A Supportive Workplace Culture For Single Parents
How To Request Flexible Working Arrangements
News Views Webs and Resources
Getting Advice and Support
Working Solutions seeks innovation in flexible work for single parents
The Training Challenge
Single Mum Benefits Explained
Welcome to Working Solutions Incorporated
In Partnership - Open Door Project

Leading Solo Parent Sites – Support | Forums 

Wire – Womens (Non binary | TransGender) Services
Council of Single Mothers and Their Children
Beanstalk Mums
Single Mum
National Council of Single Mothers and Their Children
Raising Children
Parents Beyond Breakup
Dads On Line
Dads 4 Kids
Lone Fathers

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