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Trying to define the experience of being a single parent raises so many thoughts, good and challenging.  While some of us choose to be solo parents, others of us are often left suffering from the ‘how’ and ‘why’ family life changed.  We can see that change in so many different ways, but always  as life-changing.   When it comes to the ‘big’ things in our lives the challenges that emerge more often than not can be faced with less stress and anxiety if we can wrap a support network around us.  Networks can be many things, but what they are not is ‘charity’.   They can be your community, your circle, your place to take and give. They can be one-way support or a group of people who share the same journey and reach with supportive knowledge and experiences.

Here in Australia there are so many great spaces to engage where you can tackle those huge challenges of solo parenting, places and people you can rely on. You know the saying “it takes a village to raise a child” ?  Well before you switch off with the “I can’t ask for help” take a look at some of our countries great communities and forms, as well as the resources that may well relate to  along the many phases of your solo parenting journey,   Being part of a community, which includes online forums and groups, is a good way of reaching out if you’re finding things hard or just want to see how others are managing with similar challenges.

You might want to think about the kind of community support would be most helpful right now. Do I need help with household stuff, do I just need to look at ways to cope or is that I need some time out for me ?

These three areas seem to rate as high in on the “need’ scale for solo parents:

  • Daily Life – school/kinder drop off-pickup,  shopping, cleaning, kids sports runs, caring for sick kids, the practical stuff.
  • Social Me  – “How do I”… find time to relax,  get time out,  meet others, relate to others, become more confident ?
  • Emotional Me – “How do I”… overcome anxiety about money, work and housing, feel less overwhelmed and sad ?

If you have some idea about what your needs are right now, then you can connect in communities that might resonate and support you right now.   Not all communities are blog spaces, there are some great professional spaces you can tap into by computer or phone.

Check out these links in our Community and Information Directory.



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